Vault of Thoughts was launched in April, 2012 by Christopher Michael Davis, author Little Knives: Twelve Tales of Horror and the Supernatural — a collection of short stories that Horror-Web called “deliciously terrifying.”

With nearly 90 posts to date, covering everything from punk rock to pre-code Hollywood, Vault of Thoughts has logged over 300,000 pageviews. Genius, Gin, and Glucose: The Death of E.A. Poe alone has been read nearly 30,000 times.

Is it serious scholarship? Not really, but if it helps others tackle issues that have been debated for decades, all the better. Like… how exactly did Edgar Allan Poe die?

In addition, the blog houses over 750 photographs — some not found elsewhere on the internet. Many are scanned from the author’s personal collection. They come from a variety of sources: the web, books, magazines, newspapers, scrapbooked articles — even a few original photographs. Where necessary (or requested), sources have been cited.

A hub for all things odd and wonderful, Vault of Thoughts links out to over 300 sites across the internet — including museums, collected works of authors, celebrity websites, and articles that delve more deeply into topics addressed by the blog. It is designed with readers in mind. Responsive in design, the site can be enjoyed from your phone, your tablet, and your desktop computer.


At various stages of his career, Christopher Michael Davis has been a communications professional, a web developer, a writing instructor, and a professor of short fiction. He attended Archbishop Wood High School, received his undergraduate degree from La Salle University, and got his Master’s at the University of Delaware. He has worked for La Salle University, Gordon & Breach Publishers, and Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University). He is currently the Digital Engagement Manager at ASTM International where he manages social media, web content, and promotional video production.

Some may remember him as the frontman from the brief teenage dream that was Elysian Fields, and bass player from the memorable Mad Anthony Wayne and The Magnetic Jesus. But that was a lifetime — and a full head of hair — ago.

He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and a chubby black cat.

Christopher Davis
Christopher Michael Davis

His literary and cinematic interests include the intersection of history, science and the occult, as well as experiments with nonlinear narrative, and the adverse effects of technology on the brain and body.

His influences include Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick and Grant Morrison. Hammer Horror films are his favorite indulgence, other than, perhaps, comic books (which are an addiction).

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Click here to purchase the paperback edition of Little Knives: Twelve Tales of Horror and the Supernatural. 

Read “Unhappy Resurrection of Winston Biggs,” the first story in Little Knives — which made it into a top 100 tales in a TNT network horror writer’s contest.

You can read another of his “historical horror” stories here on this site; it’s called “No Man,” and tells the tale of a WWI reconaissance photographer who finds himself face to face with unspeakable horrors — terror worse than the war going on around him.

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By Christopher Michael Davis