“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”
― Albert Camus

I realize it has been almost twenty years since I last published anything. And almost as long since I’ve written any fiction truly worth publishing. So I decided it was time I shared some of my favorite stories from Little Knives.

One reviewer commented that I was at my best when I wrote “historical fiction.” I suppose I did always pride myself on research when I wrote characters from a certain time period. Since they were “horror” stories, I would guess the sub-genre might be called “historical horror.” So it is appropriate that two of my favorite horror stories that I have written take place long before either of us, dear reader, were ever born.

What’s nice about a blog is that I can use photographs to augment the stories. Some photos come from my original research during a time when libraries and photocopies were all that were available to me. I’ve done my best to clean up these images for posting. I’ve credited sources in instances where I kept good notes. Other images are taken from the web just recently, and I have given proper credit, wherever possible.

So without further ado, I give you a few stories that were my favorites from all those many years ago.

By Christopher Michael Davis